Aerate IconCrockPotSmitty Makes His Comeback

After taking an extended Dofus break, one of our classic members had finally made a return to the game. Now, after getting his barring back (the game has changed quite a bit, eh?), he’s made a triumphant return to his old home, Superlative Exemplar. You’ll see his new Sacrier running in our ranks under the name, Carnal. Welcome back, sir. It’s great to have you! :)

6 Responses to “CrockPotSmitty Makes His Comeback”

  1. McGoobs Says:

    Woot! Glad to have you back. Gosh I love sacriers. Here’s a gyration just for you. *gyrates* :P

  2. Oralind Says:

    Smitty!! <3<3

  3. violetnurse Says:

    Welcome back! I wasn’t a member yet when you left, but you are a legend in SE and it’s a pleasure to have you back!

  4. --samuel Says:

    hey smitty, im only new so let me introduce myself, im –samuel (sammy), welcome back to the guild.

  5. berma Says:

    I always knew we were missing a crackpot….er….. I mean crockpot

    Welcome back!!

  6. blueMigo Says:


    it’s CrockPotSmitty, Slayer of Bworks! Holy crap I’m so glad you’re back. of course, i bet you’ve moved onto bigger fish to fry… like troolls O.O