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McGoobs IconSexy!…..and now even more DEADLY!

Welcome Berma to the 100 Club! Specializing in backstabbing delights, Berma has wonderfully danced around the map destroying monster upon monster with the flick of wrist. I almost got the dagger, but thank the Dofus gods my shields were up. Let’s give her a round…of applause and beer! Gratz Berma!

Benton IconSammy Hits the Big One Zero Zero!

After some serious Trool and Panda bashing our newest Eni, –Samuel has reaches the holy grail for Eni’s everywhere! Watch out for his massive WoR Heals in a Dungeon Run near you. Also Sammy can you give the Trools in Litneg a break they are getting a little bit tired of their daily bashing and would really like a few days to rest up and play scrabble. Congrats SAM!

Aerate IconDofus Version 1.18 Client Release

The latest update of Dofus is coming out on Thursday, the 5th (tomorrow, peoples!). A list of the modifications and download links can be found on the official forum, here (Official Forum Post).

To simplify things a bit, here’s the latest download links. You’ll need a torrent client to use them:

Client 1.18.0 in the .exe format:

Version 1.18.0 in the .exe format
MD5 checksum for the 1.18.0 version in the .exe format

Client 1.18.0 in the Zip format:

Version 1.18.0 in the Zip format
MD5 checksum for the 1.18.0 version in the Zip format

Aerate IconCrockPotSmitty Makes His Comeback

After taking an extended Dofus break, one of our classic members had finally made a return to the game. Now, after getting his barring back (the game has changed quite a bit, eh?), he’s made a triumphant return to his old home, Superlative Exemplar. You’ll see his new Sacrier running in our ranks under the name, Carnal. Welcome back, sir. It’s great to have you! :)