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McGoobs IconShow us your CHEST!

That’s right everybody we have our newest lvl 100 Enutrof! Ervaf whipped out his shovel and d-d-d-d-dug his way to 100, putting every monster in his way 6 feet under. Let’s all give Erv a big congratz on this big accomplishment. CONGRATZ ERV!!

McGoobs IconSram sneaks to 100!

Our brand new sram Kaipkire snuck past the SE radar and made way to 100. I guess joining SE was incentive enough to make that run to 100! Armed with a sexy pair of daggers and more movement that Swayze in “Dirty Dancing”, Kai weaves around the map while stabbing monsters in the back! Let’s give up for Kai on making 100!

McGoobs IconMore Sparklies? Hell Yeah!

Our two resident lovebirds smashed their way to 100 last night. Angel’s smile froze monsters where they were while Killa smashed them with his staff. They both have two new pets to play with now too. Let’s hope that Wyrm and Ultra-Powerful get along! Three Cheers…..wait no Six cheers for these two! Congratz!

Aerate IconTreechnid Maze Guide Added

Head over to the Intelligence section of the web site to see the latest guide in the Superlative Exemplar collection. Thanks to Thyfatone for creating this quick and painless image of how-to get through the Treechnid Maze. :)

Clovet IconMore folks from down under!

Arriving early sunday morning for them and late saturday afternoon for us, Kaipkire the Sexy Sram  and –Samuel the heal j00 g00d eni. One a good friend of the Clique Clan, and the other Bentis brother. The deadly duo group showed some of us their lethal tactics in a couple of trool fights, and a cake walk in the bulb dungeon. Currently the two are trying to book a room in the King Jellix Hotel, perhaps one day they’ll be able to get the Crown of the King that they’ve always wanted!

kobayashi IconIntuo smashes his way to 150

Plains cracklers took to the streets in celebration last night as Intuo, The Warlord of Cania (Trademarked, rights reserved, available for appearances for a small fee), announced the signing of an armistice allowing the crackler nation to bury their shattered dead.

Watch out for those plotting cracklers while Intuo is away for a month long vacation on Moon Island after his exhausting push to 150. There was something about hawt little Xelor size eni’s in string bikinis… Stay tuned for spy photos.

Love the man, fear the hammer! Hat’s off to Intuo for getting there first.

Clovet IconPlease welcome Hereandthere!

Coming all the way from Paris, France i present to you Hereandthere. A man who knocks Goobs in his place, and shows him the real Alpha-feca of SuperlativeExemplar. HaT is currently finishing up his studies in school, and gettin’ out to the stage of life! He was there, and now hes here, so take him for some groupin’ and show the man some lovin’!