Aerate IconIt’s Official, is Back!

After about 48 hours of tweaking, prodding, and learning, I’ve finally mastered the ways of installing and importing MySQL, PHP, and various other things. It was a painful process. One of many pitfalls, erases, reinstalls, and repeats. However, it’s finally finished!, and our forums are now officially back online. Enjoy everyone! Hope your SE jonesin’ wasn’t getting too bad. Walk around, test things out, and let me know if anything is broken. I’m more than happy to fix any issues that come up (and I’m sure they will). Anyways, lets get back to flooding! :D

3 Responses to “It’s Official, is Back!”

  1. violetnurse Says:

    You ROCK! Great job Shy!

  2. McGoobs Says:

    Holla! Good work Shy! We knews you could do it! (actually we had our doubts, but you proved us wrong :P )

  3. kobayashi Says:

    Excellent work. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the guild. A great site like this is even more appreciated when it’s missing. WHEW! : )