Aerate IconMust not forget…

A late post, yet a post none the less. This one goes out to two of our crew; Intuo, and Colette (aka. Mr-Kobayashi). Both of whom have now entered into our Governor rank. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the both of you in your new position., and I’m sure the rest of S.E. is as well. Congratulations, fellas!

5 Responses to “Must not forget…”

  1. Clovet Says:

    Wooot! Congratulations you two!

  2. violetnurse Says:

    Grats to both of you! I know you both will do an awesome job.

  3. Oralind Says:

    Huge warm welcome, guys!

  4. McGoobs Says:

    WooHoo! Gratz again!! I’ll use my burning glyph to host a BBQ for everyone. Roasted Gobballs and Dreggons for everyone!! (Maybe even some panda, but I think they are on the endangered list….)

  5. blueMigo Says: