Aerate IconEveryone Welcome, Gankutsuou!

After months upon months of waiting to enter the doors of Superlative Exemplar, we can finally welcome with open arms, Gankutsuou! As of current, she’s a level 138 Agility Sacrier. Be sure to give her a great big greeting if you come across her online, and see the crazy skills she has to offer. Welcome to S.E., Gank! Nice to have you. :)

6 Responses to “Everyone Welcome, Gankutsuou!”

  1. Clovet Says:

    Yayyyy gank!!! glad to have you babe!

  2. Chimney Says:

    Welcome Gankutsuou! I can’t wait to meet you.

  3. battlingbenti Says:

    Welcome Gank! Can’t Wait to bach some mobs with ya

  4. McGoobs Says:

    Yay Gank!! Let’s go bash some things called monsters to get some numbers called XP to gain some stuff called levels while carrying items called drops and using monies called kamas to buy things!!! WOOHOOO!!

  5. violetnurse Says:

    Welcome to the nutty and FUN family!

  6. TheEclipse Says:

    The so very Nutty Family! But so very Fun as well! and Before i forget we should totally do some nekkid fight to commemorate this momentous day ^_^