Intuo IconDungeon Run Mania!

Dungeon Hunting Season is officially open! From Gobbals to Dreggons, no monster will be safe hiding in their lair as Superlative Exemplar springs into action and wages full out war against creatures large and small. Strong bonds of camaraderie are sure to be forged before this epic quest is completed. Willing adventurers are asked to heed this call to arms and make haste to post their interest on the official tour of duty form.

2 Responses to “Dungeon Run Mania!”

  1. Aerate Says:

    Just got the quest, again. I’ll try and catch up with everyone, as I seem to be straggling behind.

    Can’t wait to see the payoffs of this thing. Looks like we have a lot of fun ahead of us. :)

  2. McGoobs Says:

    Ummm I have to start the Daisy dungeon, hehehe. I’ll catch up pretty quick; I can solo the first five or so I think. :P