Aerate IconDaggers of Doom Slice Through 100.

It’s been another evening of lowering the Troll population with some Aussie buddies. Yet this time, our crazy scrolling chance, crit Enu, TheEclipse, broke into the level 100 barrier. I hope you’re enjoying your new sparkle, and I can’t wait to see you rockin’ some level 6 spells soon. If you see him around, give him a great big congratulations. Nice work TheEclipse!

7 Responses to “Daggers of Doom Slice Through 100.”

  1. Clovet Says:

    oh darn shy beat me to it! Very proud of you Benti! i can’t wait to til your rockin’ the big gear and crushin’ everything in site.

  2. violetnurse Says:

    Awesome job Benti! Grats on the sparkles!

  3. Chimney Says:

    Nice work Benti!

  4. blueMigo Says:

    holy craaaaap!!



  5. McGoobs Says:


  6. Oralind Says:


    Way to go, my friend!

  7. TheEclipse Says:


    Thanks Everyone! I Could Not Have Done it without everyone single one of you! I