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Intuo IconDungeon Run Mania!

Dungeon Hunting Season is officially open! From Gobbals to Dreggons, no monster will be safe hiding in their lair as Superlative Exemplar springs into action and wages full out war against creatures large and small. Strong bonds of camaraderie are sure to be forged before this epic quest is completed. Willing adventurers are asked to heed this call to arms and make haste to post their interest on the official tour of duty form.

Aerate IconEveryone Welcome, Gankutsuou!

After months upon months of waiting to enter the doors of Superlative Exemplar, we can finally welcome with open arms, Gankutsuou! As of current, she’s a level 138 Agility Sacrier. Be sure to give her a great big greeting if you come across her online, and see the crazy skills she has to offer. Welcome to S.E., Gank! Nice to have you. :)

Aerate IconDaggers of Doom Slice Through 100.

It’s been another evening of lowering the Troll population with some Aussie buddies. Yet this time, our crazy scrolling chance, crit Enu, TheEclipse, broke into the level 100 barrier. I hope you’re enjoying your new sparkle, and I can’t wait to see you rockin’ some level 6 spells soon. If you see him around, give him a great big congratulations. Nice work TheEclipse!

Aerate IconIt’s Official, is Back!

After about 48 hours of tweaking, prodding, and learning, I’ve finally mastered the ways of installing and importing MySQL, PHP, and various other things. It was a painful process. One of many pitfalls, erases, reinstalls, and repeats. However, it’s finally finished!, and our forums are now officially back online. Enjoy everyone! Hope your SE jonesin’ wasn’t getting too bad. Walk around, test things out, and let me know if anything is broken. I’m more than happy to fix any issues that come up (and I’m sure they will). Anyways, lets get back to flooding! :D

Aerate IconMust not forget…

A late post, yet a post none the less. This one goes out to two of our crew; Intuo, and Colette (aka. Mr-Kobayashi). Both of whom have now entered into our Governor rank. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the both of you in your new position., and I’m sure the rest of S.E. is as well. Congratulations, fellas!