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Throe IconPurple, furry, AND “Sparkly”!

Colette, the feline protoge of our beloved Mr Kobayashi, has come into her own and hit the 100 mark in the early AM. One must wonder how a creature so helpful and generous with their time, has the energy left over to gain levels at such a rapid pace. Maybe Colette is living her 9 Lives all at once. Please congratulate this lovely, but deadly Purple Kitty the next time you see her in…. well…. “purple”. Congratulations Colette!!!

Oralind IconWho’s Afraid of Bears?

Koalaks are guarding their children this week after Dreadbear’s levelling rampage through the Wild Canyon.  Film at 11.

I remember the day that DreadBear joined SE … 49 levels of shiny eniripsa eagerness. We took her out that night and helped her reach 50. Since then, she’s conquered a lot of territory on her own … Pandala, the Cania Massifs and most recently, the Wild Canyon. She’s kept us alive on many, many runs and today … 50 levels later … those pretty crimson wings flitter with a brand new sparkle.

Congrats sis … I’m proud of you!

Oralind IconNew Year’s Sparklers!

The fresh new year hasn’t quite shaken off its sleepy post-champagne daze before a newly sparkle enhanced Poriphyron runs screaming across the countryside terrorizing the inhabitants with napalm explosives.

Congrats Pori … looks good on ya! And PS .. I know where Berma parks her car.