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Clovet IconDownunder breaks its first record!

Yes its true, he is our first Auzzie that has reached the glorious 100(gosh Clique you slacker! Stop given Selesa kissy faces on WoW and gtfb)! Punkarella, boy gone cinderella with a  mohawk along with the lovely glass slippers. If anyone has a spare Solomonk Punk will gladly accept, otherwise beer will do for the partying in Litneg (CAUTION: BEWARE OF TROOLLS!)! Sacriers ftw!

Oralind IconHappy Sparkly Holidays, Vio!

Our merry band of Badass Fecas has a new glow today, a violet one! VioletNurse gained her glitzy pre-Christmas prezzie around 8:00 am on the morning of Christmas Eve, DUT, an excellent time of year for celebration. Break out the bubbly!

Looking forward to seeing the new glitter, Vio … congrats!


Our haxxorz Feca has reached level 100. Y’know what that means? MORE HAXXORZ SHIELDS! But seriously, don’t bother arguing with Goobs anymore. With his new glyph, hes going to get the last word by silencing you, if you know what i mean (trust me, I tried to get a divorce and next thing i knew we were still married and I was mute).

He’s being a big boy and partying up in the Amaknas Castle! Yeah! You heard it! Free beers on the king!!! He’s also accepting any mat scrolling materials, to add to dem hax shields. Enjoy the Sparkles and booze Goobs while you can, I’ll get you one day!

Kyek IconGoodbye, Superlative Exemplar

Many of you have expected this day to come for quite some time now, and so I hope that it’s no huge surprise for me to announce that it’s my time to leave this great guild, both as a Leader and as a member.

My time in SE was some of my most treasured time in my online-life, and being able to serve as your representative to the Dofus world was an experience I won’t soon forget. Superlative now reigns as one of the oldest active guilds on the Rushu server, and what started out as a meager group of friends acting together against the unfavorable and criminal players of the game now hails as one of the tightest, strongest player teams Dofus has ever seen. I’m incredibly proud of what this place has become because of its members, and I look forward to hearing of the future great successes of SE.

Much of the membership has seen me scarce in the past few months, however, mostly due to real life affairs. I could no longer keep up with guild happenings, nor could I step in and act as efficiently as your leader or representative should act. And so, it’s time for me to step away and allow SE to run how I’ve always intended for it to run: without needing to rely on a Leader, and with each member stepping up and Doing, instead of waiting for others to take action. Superlative has some of the most passionate and proactive members in the game, and so I haven’t the slightest doubt that the membership will be able to take this opportunity to shine.

It was decided by SE’s officers that there should be no leader after me, and so leadership has been turned over to a neutral character named SuperlativeExemplar (bearing, I may add, my stunning Sexy Sadida resemblence). My hope is that this will be symbolic of an SE led completely by its members, because that is the unique quality that will let this guild truly blossom.

Thank you, SE, for the wonderful experience :)