Oralind IconThroe joins the Sparkle Set!

Three times this week, one of our members has bid an excited farewell to double-digit levels, being cheered on as they made their bid for 100.

I’m pleased to say that my buddy Throe has reached this landmark after a concerted effort during a workweek that got suddenly hectic; introducing new terminology to purple chat in the process … ‘sanity breaks.’

Take a bow, Throe … and we’ll all throw some applause down for ya.

7 Responses to “Throe joins the Sparkle Set!”

  1. Intuo Says:

    Congratulations Throe!

  2. Clovet Says:

    Thats my grandpa! good job throe!

  3. Azaelya Says:

    ZOMG so happy for you Throe!!! YAY!

  4. McGoobs Says:

    Congratz! Can’t wait to see the new sparklies in action!

  5. Muha Says:

    *scratch behind the ears* *grope* *scratch behind the ears* – Woooot! Well done!

  6. violetnurse Says:

    Awesome job my friend!

  7. blueMigo Says:

    yay throw! what cool new spell did you get?