Oralind IconDoes Aerate Sparkle? Or Crackle?

Spending massive amounts of time this weekend in the new xelor playground, the Crackler dungeon, Aerate’s hard work has paid off with a sparkle.   It’s been a year since he started playing, he says, “it’s nice to have a character hit the 100 mark.”

He was so excited he had to step away from his keyboard and do a little dance.  We’re all doing that little dance with ya buddy.   Congratz!

7 Responses to “Does Aerate Sparkle? Or Crackle?”

  1. dweeblet Says:

    Grats Shy!!!11oneone

    Well deserved. I think we should celebrate by hitting that Kaze dungeon again :)

  2. McGoobs Says:

    WOOT!! GRATZ!! Now you can use that Dial of Xelor to turn back time and do it all over again……

  3. Azaelya Says:

    Yay Shy! We’ve been working hard baby. Thought you’d maybe beat me to it! :-P Glad that you sparkle, too! Been fun fighting through the 90s with you. Even when you didn’t have your Str Bwak. (Please tell you me rezzed him now).

  4. berma Says:

    Congrats Shy!!

  5. violetnurse Says:

    Way to go Shy!…..Hope to join you in the sparklies soon.

  6. battlingbenti Says:

    Congrats Shy! a thoroughly deserved Sparkles

  7. blueMigo Says:

    dude, how have i not posted here yet?? congrats and thanks for all the great battles :)