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Oralind IconA Perky Chest is a Thing of Beauty!

The sparkle never looked as good as it does totally engulfing Myllie’s tiny frame! Myllie became SE’s first 100 level enutrof this morning, gaining that beautiful new chest that has everyone in awe … and Trip running in fear.

Gratz Myllie … and many, many, happy days looting mobs!

Oralind IconDoes Aerate Sparkle? Or Crackle?

Spending massive amounts of time this weekend in the new xelor playground, the Crackler dungeon, Aerate’s hard work has paid off with a sparkle.   It’s been a year since he started playing, he says, “it’s nice to have a character hit the 100 mark.”

He was so excited he had to step away from his keyboard and do a little dance.  We’re all doing that little dance with ya buddy.   Congratz!

Aerate IconTits!°º

Oh… you know I had to.

That’s right ladies and gents. FILL! that wine glass to the brim.. wait for it…. wait for it.. GO! Get those bottoms up ;) Now shake’m around. Yeah, that’s the way Aza likes it.

It’s pah-har-tey time for Azaeyla’s 100th birfday.. er level.. ahh, any reason to have a party I always say. Anyone else drink to that?

Oralind IconThroe joins the Sparkle Set!

Three times this week, one of our members has bid an excited farewell to double-digit levels, being cheered on as they made their bid for 100.

I’m pleased to say that my buddy Throe has reached this landmark after a concerted effort during a workweek that got suddenly hectic; introducing new terminology to purple chat in the process … ‘sanity breaks.’

Take a bow, Throe … and we’ll all throw some applause down for ya.