dweeblet IconTriple C Vitamins – Spam msg#4352356

Invite Triple C Vitamins NOW!! See what you’ve been missing.
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Side effects may include side splitting laughter; someone to help kill things, and constant PMs to you, your brother, your mother, babies daddy, and twice removed uncle’s sister.

Act NOW!! and welcome your Triple C today!

(There is no way to remove this message. You will continure to recieve them unless you call our 900 number, press pound 47 times, spin in a circle, bark like a dog, and wait for a rep to answer in 32 days.)

4 Responses to “Triple C Vitamins – Spam msg#4352356”

  1. Oralind Says:

    Heya Trip!! Welcome to your your new internet-home-away-from-home. Glad you’re here. Now get your feet off the couch. Hee hee … just kidding. Get juuuuust as comfy as you’d like.

  2. violetnurse Says:

    I’ll take a heaping triple order! Welcome aboard CCC and Happy Birthday!

  3. Muha Says:

    Welcome to SE CCC!

  4. Kyek Says:

    Welcome to the crew, Trip! And very nice, weebs. lol xD