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dweeblet IconTriple C Vitamins – Spam msg#4352356

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Side effects may include side splitting laughter; someone to help kill things, and constant PMs to you, your brother, your mother, babies daddy, and twice removed uncle’s sister.

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(There is no way to remove this message. You will continure to recieve them unless you call our 900 number, press pound 47 times, spin in a circle, bark like a dog, and wait for a rep to answer in 32 days.)

Clovet IconFear his almighty sword no more!

All the way from Lansing, Michigan comes Ursyrius the Razielle’n Iop! Ursyrius is currently in a Zoology Grad school at MSU, and lovin’ life!

You can always catch him bashing down the blops up in Cania, and from time to time you can find him taking a break down in Jellies Peninsula seeking a Gelano for his soon to be double claw! If you’re ever around, he would gladly enjoy some company and some ideal prospecting of course! Welcome to the family Urs!

Oralind IconOzFest 2006!

Although OzMo has been over 100 for a bit … we’ve been remiss in not having formally acknowleged this huge milestone in his cra career.   Level 100 is the mark we can say “I’ve made it, I shine, I sparkle, I *am* the man, I have arrived.” 

He’s taken and made the cra that I’ve always wanted … no wasted points on silly spells … he’s pure int, baby.   We’ll watch Oz climb even higher, but at this moment, please stop and give him a well deserved “atta boy.”

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