Oralind IconOzFest 2006!

Although OzMo has been over 100 for a bit … we’ve been remiss in not having formally acknowleged this huge milestone in his cra career.   Level 100 is the mark we can say “I’ve made it, I shine, I sparkle, I *am* the man, I have arrived.” 

He’s taken and made the cra that I’ve always wanted … no wasted points on silly spells … he’s pure int, baby.   We’ll watch Oz climb even higher, but at this moment, please stop and give him a well deserved “atta boy.”

4 Responses to “OzFest 2006!”

  1. Oralind Says:

    The protegé becomes the leader! Well done, Oz.

  2. McGoobs Says:

    Gratz Oz!! Because we neglected to have a formal congrats you may flog me beyond belief like it’s rush and I will only say “Please sir May I have another?”. Hehehe Congratz! JoO iZ dA BeStSt CRa eVA!! (Noob Talk) :)

  3. violetnurse Says:

    Awesome landmark and achievment Oz.

  4. Azaelya Says: