Kyek IconIt’s Shinta!

Girls, hide your eyes, he’s naked! A long time member of Dofus just came out of retirement because he just couldn’t stay away from the game any more, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him to the ranks.

Shinta’s a level 91 Eni who USED to be naked, until he borrowed some of Oralind’s clothes. So.. he’s in drag, I guess :D. We’re getting him some shiny new mats though, so expect this powerhouse back in full force!

In real life, Shinta’s going to college in a city with one of the top 10 highest crime rates in America, living in a building where fire alarms only go off at 4am when there’s freezing rain outside. I know, because I’ve lived there too xD. A computer science and digital media major, expect to see a lot of this guy. During class.

Welcome to the team, man :D

4 Responses to “It’s Shinta!”

  1. blueMigo Says:

    hell yeah! dofus in class! welcome to the club :) I somehow do not feel lucid enough to continue with this post. — so it ends ……….. here ======> X

  2. Oralind Says:

    LOL Migo!

    Welcome Shinta. So glad you’re here!

  3. Etnies Says:

    Ah shinta you might not remember me, but i was once Etnies and i ran into you and your girlfriend at Sidimote moor Zaap!

  4. McGoobs Says:

    Holla! Time for some Old schoolin’! Hehehe Welcome BACK! IF you need to bum any gear, let me know!