Throe IconIntuo tunes to 100 on the Dial! The “Dial of Xelor” that is

It looks like all of that “time” that Intuo put in, really paid off!! Let’s hope that he “slows down” and rest on his laurels. Don’t worry though, he’ll be putting the hammer down on leveling soon. The next time you see Intuo, please congratulate him on all of the “devotion” that was put into this achievement. Sorry for the pun-ishment, Intuo. Way to go on reaching that landmark level 100!!

8 Responses to “Intuo tunes to 100 on the Dial! The “Dial of Xelor” that is”

  1. Azaelya Says:

    YAY INT!!!!!

    And sidenote: That was awful, Throe.

  2. Oralind Says:

    Agreed, Aza. Throe needs to practise more. Or give it up. Shall we vote which?

    Intuo .. way to go man … terrific accomplishment! Bask in the glow of your very own sparkles.

  3. McGoobs Says:

    Way to go Intuo.

    Throe, way to many puns.

  4. Intuo Says:

    Don’t listen to them Throe, that was the best level 100 announcement ever! You can never have too many puns! :)

    Thanks for all of the congratulations everybody!

  5. dweeblet Says:

    Grats Intuo :D

    It’s awesome to see all of the hard work pay off for you.

  6. violetnurse Says:

    Yay! Way to go Intuo! You have entered into an elite group, and should be proud of your achievment.

    Throe I loved your announcement. +100 cool points

  7. Clovet Says:

    Congratulations Intuo! You deserve it!

  8. Muha Says:

    I’ll give you a “hand”! Well done Intuo, and woooooot!