Aerate IconFear his WRATH *critical failure*

You better believe it! Our buddy Ursyrius has reached level 100! The age in dofus of partying and packin’ a big punch!

Down in lower Cania, the Blops will finally get a break, and be able to sleep at night for a few days. If you see Urs on feel free to pop him a free 40oz, i’m sure he wouldn’t mind! Meanwhile, Urs will be showing his little Iop students the power of a real Iop!
Hows the sparkles feel Urs?

For those who have reached 100, you all know how that run from around 95 or so to 100 can be. I even stayed up almost all night to get mine ;)

It’s a monumental occasion. An occasion regularly celebrated with enough fairyworks to catch all of dofus on fire. Urs hitting 100 yesterday was no exception. Truly, his eyes are glowing more than ever before. He’s vengeful… and definitely wrathful.

My guess, is that Urs will be splitting things in half more than ever. We just hope that he’s not a fan of misclicks ;)

Let’s keep the fairyworks and the party moving by showing some love for the newest lvl100+ player in SE.. Ursyrius!

10 Responses to “Fear his WRATH *critical failure*”

  1. violetnurse Says:

    Grats Urs! You’ve worked hard for it!

  2. McGoobs Says:

    Holla! *throws Tofu fairyworks* Good job on 100. Now HURRY YOUR ARSE AND GET TO 200! Hehehe.

  3. Oralind Says:

    *tosses a tofuworks* Hurrah!!! *tosses another* Way to go!!

  4. Chimney Says:

    Great job. You make me want to level my class rather than my crafts. ^^

  5. DreadBear Says:

    Grats Urs on getting lvl 100, you’ve earned it :)

  6. Throe Says:

    100?? You’re serious?? Congratulations, Ursyrius!!!

  7. Muha Says:

    Woot! Can’t wait to see your wrath… as long as it’s not directed toward me ;P.

  8. Azaelya Says:

    Wow, you’re so awesome you get 2 newsposts! WOOT! congrats!

  9. Clovet Says:

    Woohoo go Urs!

    ps: damn you’re a genius weeb, thats definately one kickass intro! :)

  10. blueMigo Says:

    ursy. that. is. so. hot. may i borrow some xp?