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Aerate IconShinta Breaks Lightning Speeds

Shinta gives new meaning to the lightning aura, having hit level 100 within just a few shorts weeks since returning to Dofus. If you see him online, make sure you give him your congratulations. It’s been great having you back, Shinta. I’m looking forward to seeing your new powers :)

Throe IconIntuo tunes to 100 on the Dial! The “Dial of Xelor” that is

It looks like all of that “time” that Intuo put in, really paid off!! Let’s hope that he “slows down” and rest on his laurels. Don’t worry though, he’ll be putting the hammer down on leveling soon. The next time you see Intuo, please congratulate him on all of the “devotion” that was put into this achievement. Sorry for the pun-ishment, Intuo. Way to go on reaching that landmark level 100!!

Aerate IconFear his WRATH *critical failure*

You better believe it! Our buddy Ursyrius has reached level 100! The age in dofus of partying and packin’ a big punch!

Down in lower Cania, the Blops will finally get a break, and be able to sleep at night for a few days. If you see Urs on feel free to pop him a free 40oz, i’m sure he wouldn’t mind! Meanwhile, Urs will be showing his little Iop students the power of a real Iop!
Hows the sparkles feel Urs?

For those who have reached 100, you all know how that run from around 95 or so to 100 can be. I even stayed up almost all night to get mine ;)

It’s a monumental occasion. An occasion regularly celebrated with enough fairyworks to catch all of dofus on fire. Urs hitting 100 yesterday was no exception. Truly, his eyes are glowing more than ever before. He’s vengeful… and definitely wrathful.

My guess, is that Urs will be splitting things in half more than ever. We just hope that he’s not a fan of misclicks ;)

Let’s keep the fairyworks and the party moving by showing some love for the newest lvl100+ player in SE.. Ursyrius!

Kyek IconIt’s Shinta!

Girls, hide your eyes, he’s naked! A long time member of Dofus just came out of retirement because he just couldn’t stay away from the game any more, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him to the ranks.

Shinta’s a level 91 Eni who USED to be naked, until he borrowed some of Oralind’s clothes. So.. he’s in drag, I guess :D. We’re getting him some shiny new mats though, so expect this powerhouse back in full force!

In real life, Shinta’s going to college in a city with one of the top 10 highest crime rates in America, living in a building where fire alarms only go off at 4am when there’s freezing rain outside. I know, because I’ve lived there too xD. A computer science and digital media major, expect to see a lot of this guy. During class.

Welcome to the team, man :D

Oralind IconScore! NeverOddOrEven joins SE

You may recognize the name of his old character, Pontifex, who helped Horizon become the force they are today.   His new character, NOE, an agility/chance cra, is finally joining the ranks of Superlative Exemplar.

During daylight hours, he’s a freshman at UCSB with a passion for biology.  He moonlights here in Amakna as baker, farmer and tailor.

Please give him a warm welcome.

Oralind IconWhat’s up? Level 100, that’s Whatzup!

Please join me in congratulating Jamz on becoming our first xelor to rock the triple digits.  In true style, the first thing he did was go invisible and stand on top of AngelBear so she could share in the excitement.

He’s so darn cute, ain’t he?

Oralind IconMa-ma-ma-my Yrona!

LOL … it was there.  I took it.  Now you’re all humming it.

Actually, though, she’s our Yrona, all one hundred levels of fun Feca.  She’s managed to make it this far in game without having purple chat and she says she’s really enjoying it.

We seem to attract the smart women … IRL, she’s studying for her doctorate in astrophysics.  In game, her career tends to staff carving and maging.

Please give Ursyruis’ new bride a welcome befitting SE.

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