Clovet IconThe Mornings Sunrise

From the northern fields of Cania where the sunrises every morning, brings us Ervaf the patient Enu.

Ervaf loves to watch Football with a beer at hand, and hes just recently been married. So sorry ladies this fellas been taken! If you ever happen to find yourself in Cania fields, give this guy a hollar, he’d love to meet a new face!

6 Responses to “The Mornings Sunrise”

  1. McGoobs Says:

    Woot! More Enus to get me Gelanos!! Welcome aboard sir!!

  2. Oralind Says:

    Finally!!! Welcome to our purple zone, Erfav. Good to have you here!

  3. violetnurse Says:

    Hey! I want a Gelano too! LOL, welcome aboard Erfav! Enus rock! Looking forward ro meeting you.

  4. blueMigo Says:

    i know i’ve met you before! but welcome to SE :D

  5. Kyek Says:

    Welcome to the crew, dude! Man, SE is becoming quite the nursing home now-a-days :D Juice is delivered at 5!

  6. Chimney Says:

    Heh heh! Welcome to Superlative Exemplar. I will PoC Gobs with you anytime!