Oralind IconNew Officers Patrolling the Beat

Look for three new officers patrolling the Pandala, Amakna and Dreggon Peninsula beats. Vowing to carry justice for all, Officers Lanugo, Throe, and Muha take their own brand of heat to the streets, uh, lands …

*snrk*  Okay, that was a bit much .. .they are still the lovable assassinating types you’ve come to admire for their skill with skullduggery and talent for mayhem.  Give them a pat on the back and toss a fairywork or two for them!

12 Responses to “New Officers Patrolling the Beat”

  1. lanugo Says:

    Thanks everyone for your support! But “officers” and “assassinating” don’t go in the same post!

    That said, ::ahem:: as you were.

  2. Benti Says:

    Congratulations to all 3 of you and you are well very deserving of the officer title. *salutes*

  3. Muha Says:

    Wow! It’s a treat to have a new title, and I’m looking forward to working in whatever ways I can to ease the weight on the current officers, and with them, working to keep SE the amazing guild it is, and if possible, make it even better.

    My dofus life has been extremely enjoyable since returning to SE, and I have all the fantastic members to thank for this. I’m having such warm and fuzzy feelings for SE :)!

  4. Throe Says:

    Thanks to everyone that took payment.. errr. notice and offered support. I am honored. *whispers* “Kamas are in the mail”

  5. Kyek Says:

    Well deserved, Lan, Muha, and Throe :). Glad to see you move up :D. And Lanugo.. can I call you Great Officer now?

  6. Azaelya Says:

    Congrats you guys! Well deserved.

  7. blueMigo Says:

    as lan would say.. “conga rats!” but seriously, this news makes me happy :D

  8. McGoobs Says:

    Congratz!! Yay! Three Cheers! Bonta Beers for all!

  9. Shagbark Says:

    Congrats, guys! Now get to work! ^_^


  10. Adam (Killa) Says:

    Great news. Couldn’t have thought of anyone better to fill the spots. Congrats to you all

    *killa pops open a giant bottle of -fill in this space- and pours a drink for everyone who wants one.*

  11. Ammalamma Says:

    Good Show!

  12. OzMo Says:

    Awesome. Definitely good picks!