Oralind IconGreetz to Angel and Jamz!

“Somewhere near Detroit” is what Angel said when asked where she was from … and sparked a debate about half the state of Michigan being somewhere near Detroit.  At which point, she admited Ypsilanti is really her home, and Jamz admitted he lived in Grand Rapids … which, coincidentally, is also somewhere near Detroit.  After that the conversation somehow devolved into phallic water towers. 

And that’s how we know they’re feeling comfortable in their new home … purple chat laced with innuendo!  In the event that you missed the entrance of  Whatzup and AngelBear, please feel free to leave a welcoming comment here!

5 Responses to “Greetz to Angel and Jamz!”

  1. DreadBear Says:

    Welcome to the guild to the both of you. It’s about time we see you in purple chat with us. I hope youguys will love the guild as much as i do :)

  2. McGoobs Says:

    Congratz and Welcome to the guild!! Now the real hazing begins…….. Mwhahahahahahaha!!! (Sarcasm *hint hint*) :)

  3. violetnurse Says:

    I missed it?!!!!!!!!! OMG! Well welcome aboard you two! So glad you are finally here!

  4. dweeblet Says:

    Congrats Jamz and Angel :D

    Good to have you two aboard. Quite fitting how the first time I met Whatzup was on jellies. :P

  5. SonOfNyx Says:

    Haha. XD Welcome to SE! That water tower is really amazing, though.

    I happen to live in Ypsi, too. :)