Muha IconCra-zy celebration!

You might see Dopeul Land remaining Brak a bit longer these days, and I’m sure the dopples are breathing a sigh of relief to see that NeoElite has that magic level 100 glow! Join me in congratulating this powerful strength Cra. He’s taken the caska off, so you might even see his smile.

Woot!! (Because what would a celebration be without a woot??)

10 Responses to “Cra-zy celebration!”

  1. Oralind Says:

    Way to go Neo!!! Can’t wait to see your new sparkle.  Woot indeed!

  2. Etnies Says:


  3. dweeblet Says:

    Congrats Neo :D

  4. jeredin Says:

    Grratz Neo, really a great achievement!

  5. Shagbark Says:

    Awesome, Neo, just awesome!

  6. McGoobs Says:

    Holla! for Neo. Good job on 100. You attacked Dopeul Land until you owned it!

  7. Azaelya Says:

    Crazy awesome Neo! Congrats!

  8. violetnurse Says:

    I am sooooo happy for you! Grats!

  9. Tobiko Says:

    Neo, those wis candies sure gave you a LOT of xp….

    Congratz, what’s your new goal?

  10. blueMigo Says:

    i, too, shall reach L100 :) then we can be twins