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Muha IconBlood-thirsty Madness!

Prepare the fairyworks! Our beloved Clovet has reached that sparkly three-digit level! His hp’s have more digits than that, but it’s a little known fact that sacriers lose 10 hps for every level over 100 instead of gain them ;). I still remember convincing you to reroll Etnie long ago on Jelly Peninsula. You’ve come a long way!!

Clovet IconThe Mornings Sunrise

From the northern fields of Cania where the sunrises every morning, brings us Ervaf the patient Enu.

Ervaf loves to watch Football with a beer at hand, and hes just recently been married. So sorry ladies this fellas been taken! If you ever happen to find yourself in Cania fields, give this guy a hollar, he’d love to meet a new face!

Kyek IconTwice the fun from cheeseland!

A love story at its finest: boy and girl meet in an MMORPG from other sides of the world, and six years later find themselves living together in Switzerland, joining the ranks of Superlative Exemplar!

Meet Lilyfren, the ever-confusing-but-ultimately-charming crit Cra, and Chrysophase, the cynically-hilarious-yet-dashing Feca! We’re in for a lot of laughs and good times with these two — please give them your warmest welcome :)

Oralind IconGreetz to Angel and Jamz!

“Somewhere near Detroit” is what Angel said when asked where she was from … and sparked a debate about half the state of Michigan being somewhere near Detroit.  At which point, she admited Ypsilanti is really her home, and Jamz admitted he lived in Grand Rapids … which, coincidentally, is also somewhere near Detroit.  After that the conversation somehow devolved into phallic water towers. 

And that’s how we know they’re feeling comfortable in their new home … purple chat laced with innuendo!  In the event that you missed the entrance of  Whatzup and AngelBear, please feel free to leave a welcoming comment here!

Oralind IconCheers for Thyfatone!

Hailing from London, England, our newest recruit doubles our panda count and offers some great mentoring for Hanalei.  Althouh … Thyfatone tells us that he has a long history of drink, from a youngster dandling on his Dad’s knee through to present day drunken brawling.  Hanalei approves, cause you know she’s been known to throw back a few herself!

We’re sure you all agree he’s fun to have in a fight, sober or otherwise!  Please give him  warm SE welcome.

Muha IconCra-zy celebration!

You might see Dopeul Land remaining Brak a bit longer these days, and I’m sure the dopples are breathing a sigh of relief to see that NeoElite has that magic level 100 glow! Join me in congratulating this powerful strength Cra. He’s taken the caska off, so you might even see his smile.

Woot!! (Because what would a celebration be without a woot??)

Oralind IconSadida Soooopastar!

After an intense day pounding the candy and hitting three levels, Shagbark finally zeroed in on the magic three digit number.  In true Shag fasion, he did a little dance and regaled us with a made-for-brambles rendition of ‘Bramblin’ Man.’

Congratulations, Shagbark, good on ya!

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