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Oralind IconHidden Treasure Revealed!

DBCooper and wife VioletNurse arrived in the ranks late today, and DB has promised Koba to lead him to the money. 

Of course, the real treasure here is Coop and Vi.  Please help me make them feel the love!

Aerate IconXelor Fever

It is rumored that a rift in time has caused multiple Xelors to suddenly slip through the Rushu servers and into Superlative Exemplar’s hands. Luckily, all these masters of time have been a wonderful addition to our hunts and our social scene. Our latest addition is McCallI, a level 8x Xelor with a fine hammer and a wicked reflect. Give up your hands and welcome this fine man aboard. Nice to have you in S.E. McCall :)

Aerate IconNymaxro the Defender!

Everyone give a warm, full member welcome to Nymaxro! His status has just been promoted to SE’s notworthy Defender status. As an excellent addition to our wonderful team, you can count on him for some devotion. If you get on his bad side though, don’t be surprised if he makes you slow down. Congratulations Nym, welcome aboard :-)

dweeblet IconFurtherance of dWeeblet’s Laziness

Okay. So everyone knows about my PowerPet widget. The reason for creating it was because the DUT clock would reflect on the pet feed time one day… and then the next day it would be off by an hour. This led to many-a upset pets. The other reasons include… yes.. laziness :P

The less calculations I have to do the better. If that means spending time to make something complex so that things are easier later, then I’ll most definitely do it.

For those who have used Crannachan’s Custom Set Calculator, you know how well it performed the basic functions of simply adding up numbers. This was not acceptable for me, so I modified it… a LOT!

I’ve updated the page under the Intellegence section of the site. Go check it out ;)

Yes, I could have posted this under the forum… but Ora is hogging the front page, so I had to take some of the action :D

Oralind IconToday, Superative Exemplar. Tomorrow, the world!

It’s no secret that our Kyek is a well-loved person.  He’s been the pride of Superlative Exemplar for as long as we’ve known him, repping us well at Amakna Square.   With the change to Administrator of the new Imp’s Village, his popularity has soared.

But global conquest may be in store for our hairy blue guy … Kyek is now taking on moderation of the official Dofus forums.  You can see his official announcement here

Please join me in congratulating him on this new move!

Oralind IconCuteness from Down Under

After a marathon hour-and-some session with kitsou nufues, our newest enu joined the SE gang in purple chat.  From here on in, he’s known at Battling Benti, the amazing Aussie. 

Rounding out the growing Oz contingent, Benti has already shown signs of his association with Clique, our favorite bloke from Down Under, by being extremely friendly and fun.  Please give Benti a welcome hug when you see him.  Or wrestle a croc. Or something. 

omg, run on sentences!

Oralind IconA Tale of Two Recruits

The rain streamed flickering pink neon down my office window … the second-storey window overlooking Astrub’s seedy corner of Chemist’s Lane and Iop’s Way. Rain always brought out the drug pushers and addicts pleading for a free hit, and tonight was no exception. I turned my back and reached into the desk drawer for the bottle I kept there.

As I sat down with my glass of Brakmar’s Worst, the door burst open and in sauntered two of the most disreputable looking punks I’d ever clapped eyes on. And that’s goin’ some. Answered to the names of LuckyBaub and NeoElite, they told me, like they had something to prove. And maybe they did. Wanted to join the firm, they said.

And so they have. Look for them bustin’ heads and takin’ names throughout the land. When they’re not drinking Brakmar’s Worst. Seems they have a taste for it.

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