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Aerate IconHave a safe 4th of July!!

Title about says it all.

Be safe with all those explosives this holiday weekend. Just remember, try and put yourself in others shoes. Would you like it if the cat taped a bottle rocket to your tail??? I didn’t think so.

Try not to burn the house down. If your a Sadida, try and not to burn yourself naked.. really, no one really wants to know what you look like without hair =x (I’ll be paying for that psychology bill for life x.o)

Be Safe!!!!!

Kyek IconScript kiddie attacks!

Howdy SE!

Recently someone by the alias ‘Koko’ just showed his amazing hacking skill ability to download some kiddie hacking script, and PMed it to most of us in the forum. It takes the cookies saved from (front page and forum alike) and sends them to some random site he picks them up from.

The bug the script exploits is patched, but I haven’t tested my patch in many browsers yet. So just keep an eye out, don’t read PMs from koko, and if your browser redirects you to an unknown blank page, then be sure to change your passwords for this site, log out, then log back in.

Happy SEing!

Aerate IconLanugo Leeks to 100!

Last that I had heard, Lan was leeking the holy heck out of some bulbiflors. He said they semed to be enjoying it, and wasn’t sure why they were disappearing without leaving a trace… like a piece of bark :sad: I’m sure you’ll find some friendly bulbiflors soon Lan :D If not, well… there’s always going into the butcher business for yourself to try and buy one. I mean, you’d never run out of stock with all those +summons :shock:

On a more serious note, I’m really not sure where else to begin. Lan is one of the most reliable and powerful healers that I have ever fought with (I’m not counting lagouts ;)). You’ve been level 100 to all of us for a long time Lan. Your official level 100 status is well deserved.

Aerate IconPlanB and dWeeblet hit triple digits!

That’s right folks our very own PlanB and Dweeblet reach the electric level, the +ap level, the +10 hp for every following level level…..the zomg I’m toast if you get aggressed by one of these level….that’s right, their 100th level!

So….CONGRATULATIONS to our sexeh Osa and Feca!

Kyek IconThree times a welcome!

Tonight was an exciting night! We got to meet Intuo, Blyxx, and DannyMC, all of whom we’ve talked with briefly in the ‘Join SE’ forum.  We knew they were going to be awesome — but teaming up and making Jello with them this evening showed us that SE couldn’t go on without them!

So give all three a fine SE welcome!  …and a tutorial on how to use the xD smiley.


Aerate IconFeca-tastic

Muha hit level 100 this weekend!!

She came back to us a short while ago with more skills in her little pinky toe than most have in their entire body.

Now, she has the electrified bod to go with her outrageously fun and kind personality. Okay… so I’m just schmoozn so I can get free crafts… Don’t just sit there help me out :D

Oralind IconA new set of daggers to call our own!

Already a member in all but name, Berma has finally sashayed her way into the our guildhouse and acquired her very own SE tag to proudly display over her head.  This heartbreaker in the little red bikini is married to Throe. 

Another Canadian, Berma works in law enforcement with the RCMP in Alberta.  Evenings will find her occupied with paddling outrigger … or playing Dofus. 

Kyek has made her feel right at home by killing her in a perc fight – twice!  You can bet she’ll be at the middle of any plots to return the favour and I’m sure she will be looking for recruits in this endeavour.

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