Oralind IconWilkommen an Bord DersuUzala!

A group fight with dreggons was Der’s introduction to SE!  At level 50, our new enutrof says he’s pleased to be in a guild with so much enu support and is looking forward to picking the brains of SE’s finest on the subject of enu builds.

A Romanian currently residing in Germany, Der is an engineer / programmer who hopes to complete his PhD one day.  His Dofus talents include mining, chopping wood, hunting, crafting jewellery, and bashing out swords and daggers.  Check for a largish update to the professions page!

Pull up a chair, Der, we’ll hoist a tankard and swap tales about how fantastic we all were in those fights!

4 Responses to “Wilkommen an Bord DersuUzala!”

  1. dweeblet Says:

    Good to have ya Deersu :)

    Awesome job on the dreggon fights. Don’t be discouraged from dying a good bit. It takes a while to get comfortable killing those buggers.

    By the way, let me know when you feel comfortable killing them cause I STILL don’t xD

  2. Kyek Says:

    Dersu! Welcome to SE, man :). I’m another member of the “skurred as hell of dreggons” club. They pwn me real bad :(

    But welcome to SE nonetheless :D. We need to get this gelano hunt rolling!!

  3. Darkchlor Says:

    he didnt i told u they would take u when u hit the 50th?
    im happy for u, even i left this guild as u may noticed. sorry for that mate.

  4. Selesa Says:

    Welcome welcome, official welcome. Nice to have another enu on board ;-)