Oralind IconThe Canadians have arrived!

Loaded down with oh-so-good Canadian beer, Smarties and Coffee Crisp, Myllie and Shagbark have crossed the Dofus border and were last seen heading for the Superlative Exemplar clubhouse where they intend to share the goodies with their new friends.

Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Myllie and Shag are roommates.  She’s a geek, she says – a student of computer programming.  He’s says he’s merely a nerd – a geek without a college acceptance letter.  His job right now is to check the mailbox daily for such a miracle.

Myllie is extremely happy to see our full line-up of awesome emudom, being a level 63 enutrof herself.   Shag is happy she’s happy.  Cause that’s the way that Sadidas roll – when they’re awake.  *grin*  I believe they’ve introduced themselves far better than I can … see their post in our Join SE forum.  And please make them welcome!

6 Responses to “The Canadians have arrived!”

  1. Kyek Says:

    Whoohoo!!! Welcome to SE guys, glad to have you :D. By the time you get this, you should have full SE member forum access :).

    Looking forward to talking/chatting/fighting/exploring/whatever with ya!

  2. sovishield Says:

    Welcome to SE you two! Look forward to fighting with you again in the future.

  3. Contralt Says:

    Shagbark: If 2 typists can type 2 comments every five minutes, solve for pi.

    Myllie: Any Enus is good Enus…

  4. Selesa Says:

    Hey you two – Official welcomage from me and my Panda. :)

    Very glad to have you aboard. ;-)

  5. Kyek Says:

    Pssh, you panda never welcomed *me* to SE…

  6. Shagbark Says:

    Ha ha, you guys are the best! Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Con, you almost made cola go up my nose. My nose hates you for this, but cannot help but forgive an Enu.