Oralind IconPhysicians Warn of the Dangers of FTA

Today in the “Journal of Medicine,” a surprising new development was brought to light that is of concern to college students.  Brought on by the onset of summer, FTA (Free Time Anxiety) is characterized by weak watery eyes when exposed to sunlight, sometimes causing blindness.  Other symptoms cited include insane urges to go outdoors to particpate in physical activity as well an inexplicable allergy to ballpoint ink.

Sufferers of this disease are urged to seek immediate attention.  Sunglasses and beer will ease the tensions and if the symptoms presented include an affinity for the outdoors, heading to a patio for margaritas is in order.   In all cases, a healthy dosage of Dofus is recommended.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the officers and keepers of Superlative Exemplar.  Enjoy your summer.

3 Responses to “Physicians Warn of the Dangers of FTA”

  1. Contralt Says:

    I hear BBQ can also help in some extreme cases.

  2. Kyek Says:

    lol what’s funny is the fact that is IS absolutely blinding to go outside now. I’m taking a few hours for a senior week trip to an amusement park today . . afraid I might melt.

    Tuesday is coming, and then I will be free of work!!

  3. Shagbark Says:

    Myllie: Wow, its stuffy in here.. [opens curtains in Shagbark’s room]
    Shagbark: NATURAL LIGHT! AAAUUGH! *hisses*