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Aerate IconCan’t Help Falling in Love

As some of you may have heard, our very own dWeeblet (aka.- Jeff) is getting married to his real life fianceé, Christy!  The two will be taking a trip to Ireland as part of their celebration, so you may not be seeing him around for a little bit ;)  It’s incredibly exciting.  Our hearts and congratulations go out to the both of you! May you have a wonderful ceremony, and a fabulous honeymoon! :D

Oralind IconWilkommen an Bord DersuUzala!

A group fight with dreggons was Der’s introduction to SE!  At level 50, our new enutrof says he’s pleased to be in a guild with so much enu support and is looking forward to picking the brains of SE’s finest on the subject of enu builds.

A Romanian currently residing in Germany, Der is an engineer / programmer who hopes to complete his PhD one day.  His Dofus talents include mining, chopping wood, hunting, crafting jewellery, and bashing out swords and daggers.  Check for a largish update to the professions page!

Pull up a chair, Der, we’ll hoist a tankard and swap tales about how fantastic we all were in those fights!

Clovet IconNew guy in the fold!

Aperfectcircle Joins SE as of today! The guy has good taste in music, and knows Kyek in reallife. Whats better than that?! Hes 25, and is a level 51 Sadida. Need any voodoo dolls? Perfectcircles the man! Give the guy some beers and talk about some fun battles. :)

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