Oralind IconGreetings Mr-Kobayashi!

The Pacific Northwest near Bellingham is home to Mr-Kobayashi, where he resides with his family in a cozy log house just five minutes from the Canadian border. 

The head of a wildly successful full service web design company, Koba can be found supplementing his Dofus empire through mining and creating pets fit for dragoon meals. Koba is also no stranger to guild management, having much to offer us through successful stewardship of Joint Task Force, where his Osa alt, Tiandrea, remains.

Koba maintains a little cabana on Moon Island.  It’s a Koba-Cabana.   Harrr …

Welcome to our little gang, Koba!

5 Responses to “Greetings Mr-Kobayashi!”

  1. Contralt Says:

    Welcome! More Enus are always welcome.

  2. Etnies Says:

    Hey Kobay!! I think we’ve met before, your name looks familiar! Nice to see you in SE!!

  3. Mr-Kobayashi Says:

    Oralind, you crack me up. Thanks for the lovely intro. Now if I can just stop falling asleep on our Moon Island adventures. Quick note to new guildmates. Figure out when midnight Pacific time is and don’t waste your time with me after that each night. I may be on, but I become a useless Zooooombeyyyy. Meanwhile, I’ll try and send invites when I’m leveling on wabbit island. Good, mostly free, exp for early mid-levels who join me.

  4. Kyek Says:

    Koba! Welcome to SE, man :)

  5. Kyek Says:

    oo, and when you get a chance, be sure to register on the forum page! I’ll give you full member access whenever I see your name pop up there.