Kyek IconFear the Skull Crotch.

Today we welcome SE’s newest member, Azaelya, to the team!  She’s a level 60 Sram with a sparkling trade as a level 100 miner — and has a sense of humor that we love more than anything else!

In real life, Az hails from L.A., and just graduated college in St. Louis.  With two majors and a minor, this girl knows practically everything :).  Welcome, Azaelya!

6 Responses to “Fear the Skull Crotch.”

  1. Contralt Says:

    Welcome! I assume that was Wash U? I’ve been up there a few times and came extremely close to going there for college.

  2. Azaelya Says:

    HAHA Kyek, awesome intro! I especially love the title! Everyone was really, really wonderful last night. I am glad that there’s another guild full of people I enjoy. Thanks for all of the warm welcomes and all, everybody.

    Yeah Contralt, that’s correct. Just became a Wash U alumn. It’s a beautiful campus, I must say. And I enjoyed it out here.

  3. Etnies Says:

    Yayyyyy AZ is definately cool you guys!! Like 110% cool!NICEEE title ky :)! You forgot to mention that she does like MEGA damage too!

  4. Oralind Says:

    Heya Aza .. so, so glad to have you here! Welcome to our little onnline community.

  5. Enubling Says:

    Nice to meet ya, az. Glad to have you on the team!

  6. Shagbark Says:

    Hey Az! Talk about a late reply, right? Better late than never? Right? Eheh.. heh.. *cough* .. Please don’t stab me when I’m not looking. Please?