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Kyek IconAnnouncing: The Guildopedia!

A new link was added to our Unofficial Sites section today, and I think it deserves its own post. -Wish-, active member of the Amakna Square Forums and moderator of the Official Dofus Forums has built and hosted a Wiki specifically for outlining Dofus guilds. Guilds are catagorized by alignment, and each guild page holds.. whatever that guild wants it to! Check out SE’s page listed under Mixed Alignment.

The Guildopedia

Kyek IconFear the Skull Crotch.

Today we welcome SE’s newest member, Azaelya, to the team!  She’s a level 60 Sram with a sparkling trade as a level 100 miner — and has a sense of humor that we love more than anything else!

In real life, Az hails from L.A., and just graduated college in St. Louis.  With two majors and a minor, this girl knows practically everything :).  Welcome, Azaelya!

Oralind IconGreetings Mr-Kobayashi!

The Pacific Northwest near Bellingham is home to Mr-Kobayashi, where he resides with his family in a cozy log house just five minutes from the Canadian border. 

The head of a wildly successful full service web design company, Koba can be found supplementing his Dofus empire through mining and creating pets fit for dragoon meals. Koba is also no stranger to guild management, having much to offer us through successful stewardship of Joint Task Force, where his Osa alt, Tiandrea, remains.

Koba maintains a little cabana on Moon Island.  It’s a Koba-Cabana.   Harrr …

Welcome to our little gang, Koba!

Oralind IconHello Throe!

The thing that will immediately strike you about our new eca is his sense of humour.  Dualboxing his enu Soff-N-Saggy (also a female character), you’ll often find them trading quips back and forth in Throe’s “office,” the Bonta bank.  Throe is currently a lvl 5x shoemaker, with plans to hit 6x before much longer.

On sabbatical from a job in professional sales, our southern gentleman plans to spend some time in Italy on a language immersion program before coming back to the States to take up some plans in international trade.  

Please join me in welcoming Throe and his sense of comedic timing.  By the way … do not eat the mints from Soff-N-Saggy’s purse!

Oralind IconPhysicians Warn of the Dangers of FTA

Today in the “Journal of Medicine,” a surprising new development was brought to light that is of concern to college students.  Brought on by the onset of summer, FTA (Free Time Anxiety) is characterized by weak watery eyes when exposed to sunlight, sometimes causing blindness.  Other symptoms cited include insane urges to go outdoors to particpate in physical activity as well an inexplicable allergy to ballpoint ink.

Sufferers of this disease are urged to seek immediate attention.  Sunglasses and beer will ease the tensions and if the symptoms presented include an affinity for the outdoors, heading to a patio for margaritas is in order.   In all cases, a healthy dosage of Dofus is recommended.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the officers and keepers of Superlative Exemplar.  Enjoy your summer.

Oralind IconWandering Vagrant finds a home!

Hailing from North Carolina, our new Iop friend has, he claims, lost all his intelligence completing college entrance exams.  Dribbled out his ears, sommat.  He’s looking to regain that, along with an education in law, specializing in media and intelluctual copyright.  He’ll need that int right now, as his Iop has recently gained StrengthStorm.

His professions are just getting off the ground - beginning with lumberjack and miner, moving into some serious bowcarving (with his alt -Saria), just as soon as the wood has piled high enough for him to begin.

Welcome home, Vagrant!

Oralind IconThe Canadians have arrived!

Loaded down with oh-so-good Canadian beer, Smarties and Coffee Crisp, Myllie and Shagbark have crossed the Dofus border and were last seen heading for the Superlative Exemplar clubhouse where they intend to share the goodies with their new friends.

Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Myllie and Shag are roommates.  She’s a geek, she says – a student of computer programming.  He’s says he’s merely a nerd – a geek without a college acceptance letter.  His job right now is to check the mailbox daily for such a miracle.

Myllie is extremely happy to see our full line-up of awesome emudom, being a level 63 enutrof herself.   Shag is happy she’s happy.  Cause that’s the way that Sadidas roll – when they’re awake.  *grin*  I believe they’ve introduced themselves far better than I can … see their post in our Join SE forum.  And please make them welcome!

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