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Clique IconDofus 1.13.2

Dofus 1.13.2 is now available for download.

Community Site:

Kyek’s Hax Server:


Oralind IconEnter Nemui!

A Danish economics student, our newest member is now the highest level cra in our guild, at 79.  When not picking on Pig Knights, Nemui also studies Japanese.

He and Mirror joined SE looking for adult company and a guild with a bit of structure, and were impressed by what they saw here on our site.

Here’s hoping we continue to impress, Nemui, and welcome!  Grab a beer outta the fridge … and let’s go hunting! (Cause fighting and beers are always a good combo!)

Oralind IconMirror, Mirror on the wall …

Mirror, Mirror in the hall … the halls of SE!

And even with lame poetry on my part, she is welcome.  Joining the General and Shadow-Flip to round up the Ecaflip count, she is level 53 and looking forward to hunts and fun with SE.

When not occupied slaying monsters, Mirror works in customer service for a computer company in London, England.  Also slaying monsters, I’m sure, but she didn’t add that.  Here in Dofusland, she picks flowers to support her level 6x alchemist.

So,let’s pour her a cup of coffee, serve up the lemon bars and make her welcome!

Clovet IconLet the tournaments begin!

Alright, well we’ve been mentioning throwing some tournaments together to work on our teamwork and communication skills. So this week, we’ll be holding two tournaments: one on Tuesday, and one on Saturday. That way, the people who are more free on the weekdays can be in the tournament, and people who have more time on the weekends can have one as well! Look in the ”Planned Hunts” section of the forum for the times and the places of the event.

Kyek IconMeaning of Leader

I got on Dofus last night expecting to feed my cats and kill a few of those bothersome crocodiles, and all of the sudden people are /g’ing things about me being a leader. What? So I check the roster, and sure enough, daLamb/Jason was on about 10 minutes before me and flipped over the position. I knew he had talked about it before, but I completely didn’t expect it to just *happen*!

Regardless, I’m very flattered and accept the position. My concern is SEs taking this the wrong way, though. My moving to leader changes nothing in how this guild is run, the huge upward swing it’s already headed into — none of that. Our group has a great dynamic, and the officer/keeper core within it is stronger now more than ever. I will continue to serve in an officer position, because that *works* for us.

What does being titled “Leader” mean, then? SE has already grown to know that it’s not who the leader is, it’s how the guild functions — and I’ve already said I’m not changing that. But the rest of Dofus, all the other guilds, the informed crowd at AS, etc., are used to putting all their faith in a Leader. So, for the outside world, I’m simply a contact point, a figurehead, and a representation. As I seem to have a pretty good reputation in-game and at AS, I hope this can come to benefit us.

As a guild full of members quickly shooting up in level, though, you don’t deserve a guild leader who is merely level 66. My first goal as Leader is to get my level up so that others who *do* judge by the Leader sees SE as very strong. Secondly, I’d love to continue with our upswing and I believe AS is the way to do that. My next goal will be finally polishing off this site, especially the section for recruitments and guild information, so that I can help to recruit more high-leveled players from AS by referring them there. SE is stronger than ever and, like any guild that doesn’t want to disappear, is always in need of new membership. I, and I’m sure many of you, would like to see the levels on new members soar above our minimum of 50.

And so I’ll end my speech, and hope for your support. SE is and always will be a laid-back, fun place to be, free of dictator reign :). The Leader, for us, is just a representative. And being daLamb’s selected representative for SE, I won’t let you down. :)

daLamb IcondaLamb’s Secession, Kyek’s Promotion

It has been my great honor and pleasure to serve our Superlative Exemplar Guild as Leader over these past 6 or 8 months.  Many of you know me from when I was an active player, and even more still have not seen me play.  I have sat idle too long filling a space that should go to someone who has shown even more dedication and support for this game than I.  And now I am taking this opportunity to resign my post as Leader and have nominated Kyek as my replacement.

Many of you may remember how he first joined the guild, shortly after having (or just before, I cant remember) won a contest giving him some new found wealth and becomming the first SE millionaire in the guild.  I have to admit I had a hidden secret agenda, hoping that Kyek would spread his new found wealth to the guild, perhaps purchasing a Guild House.  But we all soon regarded Kyek as a wealth of information and a valuable member, if not one of the most formidable, of our guild.

The SE guild has come along quite a ways since the day I found the Guildalogem in the Trash outside Astrub bank, and then took the long journey through the mountains to claim our place in history and to record our Guild’s name into the Guild record deep within the mountains.  Now we are a well respected community of fair and courteous players that many other guilds in the game respect.

 I now leave the Guild knowing that Kyek has the leadership skills and knowledge to help lead us into the history that is not yet written.  Good luck all of you.  Should anyone need to contact me, I’ll be available via my Guild email:

daLamb (Jason Stevenson)

Kyek IconCool Site Maintenance!

Hey all!  Just a heads up that I’m reprogramming the site backbone, and there might be some glitches popping up in the next few weeks.

I’m going for a single login for both this site and the forum, and finally working our generic-themed forum into this look and feel.  This website should be a snap to use when I’m done with it, and still give us the ability to have sections for allied guilds, public guides, etc.

So why the post?  Well, frankly, merging WordPress and forum software like phpBB (what we currently use) like I have in mind has never been done before.  I’ve never quite done anything like this personally, so a little bit of it will involve trial and error.

Trial and error, though, means occasional bugs and such — so if you come in and the site isn’t quite working, try back in a little. I’ll never stop working if the site is broken, so you can trust that if you can’t get in, I’m plugging away at the keyboard doing something about it.

That is all!

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