Clovet IconNew keeper in town!

SOVISHIELD makes the keeper boards as of today! Give the guy a few bucks and buy him a drink and go hit some (WHITE)golf balls! He’d lurve it!

4 Responses to “New keeper in town!”

  1. Oralind Says:

    Oooooo … this means free golf lessons? I’m all for that. Let me see … too much rough in Cania. Spend forever looking for the damn ball.

    However near teh Sufokia door?

    LOL … gratz Sovi!

  2. Kyek Says:

    Good to have you on board, man!

  3. Etnies Says:

    LOL wayyy rad comment ora -high fives-.

  4. sovishield Says:

    Just grip the club a little tigher up in Cania.

    Lol, thanks for the keeper status!!