Oralind IconMirror, Mirror on the wall …

Mirror, Mirror in the hall … the halls of SE!

And even with lame poetry on my part, she is welcome.  Joining the General and Shadow-Flip to round up the Ecaflip count, she is level 53 and looking forward to hunts and fun with SE.

When not occupied slaying monsters, Mirror works in customer service for a computer company in London, England.  Also slaying monsters, I’m sure, but she didn’t add that.  Here in Dofusland, she picks flowers to support her level 6x alchemist.

So,let’s pour her a cup of coffee, serve up the lemon bars and make her welcome!

2 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror on the wall …”

  1. Kyek Says:

    Welcome to SE, Mirror! Stoked that you’re here :D

  2. Selesa Says:

    Mirror I <3 your name. Welcome to SE!