Clovet IconLet the tournaments begin!

Alright, well we’ve been mentioning throwing some tournaments together to work on our teamwork and communication skills. So this week, we’ll be holding two tournaments: one on Tuesday, and one on Saturday. That way, the people who are more free on the weekdays can be in the tournament, and people who have more time on the weekends can have one as well! Look in the ”Planned Hunts” section of the forum for the times and the places of the event.

3 Responses to “Let the tournaments begin!”

  1. Kyek Says:


    That is all :D

  2. Selesa Says:

    Doh, I work both tuesday and Saturday. If they are late enough in the evening on both days though, I can make it. =)

  3. etnies Says:

    It should be around 8 for you on saturday?