Oralind IconHawaiian Angel comes to SE!

Please welcome Angelock to the corridors of the SE guildhall. Don’t offer him a beer though … he’s not of age yet.  A Hawaiian student who takes classes via computer rather than attending a typical high school, his online coolness extends to friendship with Crannachan.

Many of you might recognize the name of his alt character, Blitzkreig, who was leader of Empire.  Angel is his main now, a 57 Int Iop, and we welcome you whole-heartedly to Superlative Exemplar!

6 Responses to “Hawaiian Angel comes to SE!”

  1. Kyek Says:

    Welcome to SE, Angelock! Good to have Hawaiian representation again :D. 3 more levels until you pwn everything that moves!

  2. Etnies Says:

    Hey Angelock, dunno if you remember me back when we were level 40’s on wabbit island.

  3. Cranachan Says:

    Welcome to SE, Angelock! It is great to have you and Allu in the guild. Looking forward to more battle with you, despite the XP suckage of your 202 Wisdom! ^^

    Seriously nice to have you with us! Welcome!

  4. Kyek Says:

    202 Wisdom!?!?


  5. klan Says:

    I don’t say this often… but I want your hat!

    Wow though, another quality addition to your ranks.

  6. Clique Says:

    Welcome angel. I’m gonna sign my name on the petition as well. I WANT’T YOUR HAT!