Oralind IconGreets to Allusive!

Within minutes of joining Superlative Exemplar, Allusive had successfully defended our perc from the deadly perils of one level 5 Sram determined to win glory in the mines of Astrub.  Instead, the poor guy met the punitive damage of 80 levels of kick-ass-and-ask-no-questions cra-dom. 

A cra with an Int/Str hybrid build, Allusive is a friend of Angel’s and of Cran.  Adding to the mix is bow carving and lumberjacking skills.

In real life, our London high school student also works part time caring for wee children. 

Please give him a welcome befitting our friendly reputation!

4 Responses to “Greets to Allusive!”

  1. Kyek Says:

    Welcome to the guild, Allusive :D Being level 80 AND having an English accent? Dude.. you don’t need a guild, you need a fanclub :)

  2. Etnies Says:

    Hello Allusive, nice to have you SE. Looks like you’ve found a president for your fan club *coughkyekcough*. By the way your name is pretty sweet!

  3. Cranachan Says:

    Allu! Wicked. Welcome to SE! Level 80, huh? Damn, now I have to catch up! And I will, oh yes, I will! The race to 90 has begun! Nah, but seriously nice to have you in SE. Looking forward to teaming up with you in the future.

  4. Clique Says:

    Kyek .. Put that loincloth back on, we don’t need to see that!

    Anyway, Welcome to SE Allusive.