Oralind IconEnter Nemui!

A Danish economics student, our newest member is now the highest level cra in our guild, at 79.  When not picking on Pig Knights, Nemui also studies Japanese.

He and Mirror joined SE looking for adult company and a guild with a bit of structure, and were impressed by what they saw here on our site.

Here’s hoping we continue to impress, Nemui, and welcome!  Grab a beer outta the fridge … and let’s go hunting! (Cause fighting and beers are always a good combo!)

5 Responses to “Enter Nemui!”

  1. Selesa Says:

    Wewt welcome to SE Nemui, excited to see your skillz in action + beer drinkin’ ftw. ;-)

  2. Kyek Says:

    Nice to have another hot Cra in our ranks! Welcome to SE, Nemui :)

  3. devilic Says:

    Hey there, a member of Ignyte asked me to check out ur site.
    Its amazing what u’ve done here.Im impressed. Very organised and its refreshing to see a guild like this on dofus.
    Hope to see yu guys round~ take care all. ^_^

  4. Kyek Says:

    Thanks, devilic! We’re just in the beginning stages now, and hopefully our grand opening will be in a week or so :). Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Mirror Says:

    Welcome to the guild Nem! ^^