Clique IconDofus 1.13.2

Dofus 1.13.2 is now available for download.

Community Site:

Kyek’s Hax Server:


4 Responses to “Dofus 1.13.2”

  1. Shy-Town-Nomad Says:

    I also downloaded and made a “.zip” version of the file on Rapidshare:

  2. blueMigo Says:

    awesome. the hack links are waaaayyy faster, came in at 1000 kBps for me :D

  3. Heightz Says:

    Plz o plz get version 1.14 cause my school blocked the home site/ my guild site is when u get the new version email it to me or make a link to ur site so i can download it and be freee!! i leaned this cause u guys are cool and help others well id like it if i can link to ur site and urs can link to mines. plz do this as soon as possible or i will have a terrible summer at camp for my school!! D’X sincerly ryan a.k.a. heightz a.k.a. AirYouOut

  4. Heightz Says:

    plz i really need verssion 1.14 of dofus thank you!!