Aerate IconDarkchlor reaches level 100!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to one of our oldest and most talented members! Darkchlor, we collectively are so very proud of you! All that hard work and dedication has paid off, for anyone who hasn’t seen Darkchlor in action lately – ask him to give you a tour of his awesomeness, it’s downright impressive. :)

Also —— if I had a shiney “awesomeness” badge, I’d totally give ya one. I’m gonna talk to the Dofus devs about the possibility of crafting such a thing. :)

One more time…. CONGRATS!

8 Responses to “Darkchlor reaches level 100!!!”

  1. Oralind Says:

    As Sels said, total awesomeness, Darkchlor. Bet you love that new emote!! Shiny indeed!

  2. Kyek Says:

    HOLY CRAP! Dark, that’s friggin amazing! Congratulations!!

  3. Shy_Town_Nomad Says:

    Darkchlor! Congratulations! You’ve been leveling like a madman for so long, it’s great to see that you’ve hit 100. It’s weird saying that it’s been, “long” as you’ve leved up faster than just about anyone I’ve ever seen. Anyways, congratulations again! Can’t wait to see that lvl 100 in action.

  4. Enubling Says:

    WOW! That is ridiculously awesome. And the speed at which you did that. Amazing man, absolutely amazing. Congratz

  5. Darkchlor Says:

    thx mates. i feel totally honored.
    tho i wasnt that fast. its all about wisdom. and it depends on with whom u fight. and if someone leveled more crazy as me its crannachan.
    while i helped her getting from 1-66 i lvled from 80-100 only…

    well now where my main goal is reached i can relax hunt mats for high lvl crafts and hunt down some braks. dont have something better to do anyway it seems XD

  6. Clique Says:

    Dude. Gratz. Insane.

    *Clique Faints*

  7. Cranachan Says:

    Congratulations, babe! I am very, very glad to have been able to help you out to reach 100, but really it was you who were helping me. I couldn’t have zipped from 0-66 so fast without you. Now it is my turn to catch up and meet you at 100! Excellent work and tireless (a little too literally) dedication and look where you are now!

    GRATZ! :)

  8. Kyek Says:

    LOL, and once again, Dark, your english skills amaze me. Do you have any idea how many native English speakers couldn’t use the word “whom” correctly if their life depended on it? Damn, I wish I knew more than one language.. lol