daLamb IcondaLamb’s Secession, Kyek’s Promotion

It has been my great honor and pleasure to serve our Superlative Exemplar Guild as Leader over these past 6 or 8 months.  Many of you know me from when I was an active player, and even more still have not seen me play.  I have sat idle too long filling a space that should go to someone who has shown even more dedication and support for this game than I.  And now I am taking this opportunity to resign my post as Leader and have nominated Kyek as my replacement.

Many of you may remember how he first joined the guild, shortly after having (or just before, I cant remember) won a contest giving him some new found wealth and becomming the first SE millionaire in the guild.  I have to admit I had a hidden secret agenda, hoping that Kyek would spread his new found wealth to the guild, perhaps purchasing a Guild House.  But we all soon regarded Kyek as a wealth of information and a valuable member, if not one of the most formidable, of our guild.

The SE guild has come along quite a ways since the day I found the Guildalogem in the Trash outside Astrub bank, and then took the long journey through the mountains to claim our place in history and to record our Guild’s name into the Guild record deep within the mountains.  Now we are a well respected community of fair and courteous players that many other guilds in the game respect.

 I now leave the Guild knowing that Kyek has the leadership skills and knowledge to help lead us into the history that is not yet written.  Good luck all of you.  Should anyone need to contact me, I’ll be available via my Guild email:  dalamb@superlativeexemplar.com

daLamb (Jason Stevenson)

7 Responses to “daLamb’s Secession, Kyek’s Promotion”

  1. Oralind Says:

    Does this mean we can get that new set of panda furniture for the living room?

    Seriously, Kyek, I am thrilled for you. I know you weren’t looking for this to come to you specifically, but I’m glad it has. I agree with Lamb. We’re in good hands.

  2. dweeblet Says:

    Aye good to hear from ya again Lamb. Good to hear that things are going well for you.

    And many a grats to you again Kyek :)

  3. Selesa Says:

    Interesting new developement.

  4. eBeau Says:

    I’ve never really had the chance to meet you daLamb, as I arrived here just after you moved to GW I think. So I’ve only really known SE without you and I can say Kyek has been a real leading force this whole time and I’m glad and excited about this new change. Congratulations to Kyek, and I look foward to the change ahead.

  5. etnies Says:

    Its nice to see you around dalamb! We wouldn’t be SE without you. Kyek is the best candidiate by a long shot! I hope you stop by more often lamb!

  6. Kyek Says:

    Thanks, guys :) I appreciate it, and I hope I treat it well.

    I just tried search AS for the contest I won, but all the posts before November were deleted! Anyway, I can’t link to it, but I was in SE quite a few weeks before writing the famous poem. That now doesn’t exist xD

  7. daLamb Says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. Kyek have fun now and don’t get caught…