Kyek IconCool Site Maintenance!

Hey all!  Just a heads up that I’m reprogramming the site backbone, and there might be some glitches popping up in the next few weeks.

I’m going for a single login for both this site and the forum, and finally working our generic-themed forum into this look and feel.  This website should be a snap to use when I’m done with it, and still give us the ability to have sections for allied guilds, public guides, etc.

So why the post?  Well, frankly, merging WordPress and forum software like phpBB (what we currently use) like I have in mind has never been done before.  I’ve never quite done anything like this personally, so a little bit of it will involve trial and error.

Trial and error, though, means occasional bugs and such — so if you come in and the site isn’t quite working, try back in a little. I’ll never stop working if the site is broken, so you can trust that if you can’t get in, I’m plugging away at the keyboard doing something about it.

That is all!

2 Responses to “Cool Site Maintenance!”

  1. etnies Says:

    (omg that n00b kyek is gonna be workin’ on the site). It’s gonna be doomsday for SE oh noooooz!

  2. Oralind Says:

    LOL @ Etnies.