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Oralind IconGreets to Allusive!

Within minutes of joining Superlative Exemplar, Allusive had successfully defended our perc from the deadly perils of one level 5 Sram determined to win glory in the mines of Astrub.  Instead, the poor guy met the punitive damage of 80 levels of kick-ass-and-ask-no-questions cra-dom. 

A cra with an Int/Str hybrid build, Allusive is a friend of Angel’s and of Cran.  Adding to the mix is bow carving and lumberjacking skills.

In real life, our London high school student also works part time caring for wee children. 

Please give him a welcome befitting our friendly reputation!

Oralind IconHawaiian Angel comes to SE!

Please welcome Angelock to the corridors of the SE guildhall. Don’t offer him a beer though … he’s not of age yet.  A Hawaiian student who takes classes via computer rather than attending a typical high school, his online coolness extends to friendship with Crannachan.

Many of you might recognize the name of his alt character, Blitzkreig, who was leader of Empire.  Angel is his main now, a 57 Int Iop, and we welcome you whole-heartedly to Superlative Exemplar!

Clovet IconNew keeper in town!

SOVISHIELD makes the keeper boards as of today! Give the guy a few bucks and buy him a drink and go hit some (WHITE)golf balls! He’d lurve it!

Aerate IconDarkchlor reaches level 100!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to one of our oldest and most talented members! Darkchlor, we collectively are so very proud of you! All that hard work and dedication has paid off, for anyone who hasn’t seen Darkchlor in action lately – ask him to give you a tour of his awesomeness, it’s downright impressive. :)

Also —— if I had a shiney “awesomeness” badge, I’d totally give ya one. I’m gonna talk to the Dofus devs about the possibility of crafting such a thing. :)

One more time…. CONGRATS!

Kyek IconCrockPotSmitty movin’ up to Keeper!

Crock has met all of our Keeper requirements, and received an EMPHATIC ‘yes’ from the officers and current keepers — so we’re happy to welcome him into the Guild Keeper position!

Great job, CrockPot :) Looking forward to working with you!

Aerate IconElduric-three promoted to Defender!

Elduric-three has been with us for a little while now, and his presence has been appreciated. Today, he has finally been ranked up into full membership. Glad to have you, Elduric-three! Everyone should send him a little note of congratulations.

Clovet IconTuesday’s Tournament

Today’s tournament wasn’t too successful. Only Dweeblet and I showed up, but for obvious reasons there was an update today so that’s more important. I hope Saturday’s (hintdarkhint) will be better.

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