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Oralind IconWelcome Delfinka!

Hailing from Zielona Gora in Poland, “about 60 miles from the German border,” Delfinka is, in real life, a high school student with dreams of university and a career in economics or, if I have translated this right, engineering.

In Dofus life, Del is a Level 42  Eniripsa with wand skill and a dream of one day owning a second skill.  Lately come from the Polish Dofus Fighters guild, she is looking forward to a broader range of language, more group fun and being able to lend a hand where and when needed.

Selesa IconThe history of SE is slowly being written…

View it in the “About Us” section. ;)

Selesa IconWelcome SOVISHIELD!

Another new member to add to our fold, we’ve got new feca folks! Level 40 and going to work on his staff carving skills. :) Very nice guy, loves to hang out…give him a warm welcome like only SE can do. :)

Kyek IconWelcome, Steale!

Tonight we introduced our Official Wisconsin Representation into SE– Steale! Steale is a level 53 feca with the best sense of direction you’ve ever seen (he fought sewer rats for the first time tonight, and now knows the entire sewer system by heart. wtf.), and one hell of a sense of humor to boot. And to top it all off, he can perform every in-game profession!

And I’m not even kidding. This guy listed off all of his professions, and I had to SCROLL UP to check the list. Insane! Many of them high-level as well. So expect to see the profession board grow a bit with this one :).

Welcome to Superlative Exemplar, Steale!

Oralind IconWelcome Perdicion!

Hailing from the thriving metropolis of Zaragoza, Spain, our newest member is a globe-trotting chemical engineer when not involved in Dofus. 

His character, Perdicion, is a female cra, lvl 46.  Professions include 5x lumberjack, 2x butcher and 2x bowcarver.  Group fighting tactics is one of the things that interests him most about being in guild.  Challenges, here we come!

Let’s skid a chair over his way and help him get comfy!

Oralind IconWelcome Eciffo!

Played by a Pennsylvania student of film, Superlative Exemplar welcomes Eciffo, our first female Sadida character!  At level 41, Eciffo already has two level 60 professions, those of baker and farmer. 

Christian says he’s looking forward to grouping with us and meeting everyone.  Please give him a warm welcome!

Oralind IconDarkchlor hits 80!!

Darkchlor, even with his present browser difficulties, has managed to hit that magic number! 

Dark’s celebratory dinner includes oddities such as trunknid leaf salad, bark and root fricasee and my favorite, treechnid amber ale!

Huge congratulations, Dark!

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