Sunbathe IconNew Mono-Account Servers!

Hey everyone! Dofus just launched multiple mono-account servers. No multi-accounting allowed! The servers were just about unplayable for the first day of launch because of the thousands of players trying to play! I think it’s brought a lot of life back to the game. It’s so fun seeing Astrub overrun with noobs again! We’ll see how it plays out.

If you’d like to check it out, try out the server ‘Ilyzaelle’. This is where most of the EN community will be playing.

Sunbathe IconEcho, Echo, Echo!

Greetings! The latest news from Ankama is the server merger! 10 servers were merged together this week on Dofus. I’m afraid Rushu is no more! Welcome to your new server, Echo. Don’t worry, everything will be the same in game. You’ll have the same items, friends, and homes. Although, there will be a lot of new faces! Check it out in game. It has a brought a lot of life to the international servers.

Sunbathe IconHappy 11th Birthday!

A guild that is now older than Dofus’ new players! As we near our teenage years things have become quieter and quieter. You can hear the crickets chirping! It seems that year 11 has pushed us over the edge! We had a nice 10th birthday with some trivia, giveaways, and a party last year. Apparently 11 is just too much! I hope all are healthy and doing well with their families, careers, and *cough* better games!

Nixi IconSuperlative Exemplar is Recruiting!

Please check out our guild recruitment video, made by our in-house Videographer, Valfreze.
You can check out his other Dofus videos in his Pentecostal Videos Thread.


Interested players can find our full list of membership requirements and application form on our website recruitment page.

Superlative Exemplar Guildopedia will have additional information about guild structure.


Nixi IconPlay with Our Intelligence!

Come one! Come all! And rejoice! For our Intelligence page is back up and running! :D

Find Hiroe’s Character/Mount/Pet Color Picker, and our easy to use Dragoturkey Scroll Chart.  Don’t miss links to many great English guides for Dofus Quests, Dungeon Bosses, and Dimensional/Seasonal Lands.

Remember to check back – we will update as we find awesome external links and develop our own!

Intelligence is sexy, don’t play stupid… Play with our Intelligence ;)

Oralind IconHere Comes the Sun!

Sun logoWe know this headline has been met with a great deal of approval and not a few sighs of relief.  Its not news that there is a big bunch of busy-busy-busy going on in the lives of SE leaders of late.  Oralind is building her WoW guild for a new expansion release sometime later this year, Nixi has an exciting new chapter ahead of her at work and home, Ami-X has a lovely new lady in his life and you’re seeing Ace’s music on the forums again.  Change is often good for creativity in other areas.

However, a guild does need leaders and particularly now when we’ve got some big decisions to make.  We’re extremely pleased to announce that Sunbathe has accepted the position of Second in Command.  She and Nixi have been hard at work forming a new council to help take us in new directions.  To that end, please give a slap on the back and an ‘atta boy’ to both ChankD and Aquila, who have accepted the SiC job as well.  Ace, Oralind and Shytown continue to give advice and help with administration on the forums and whatever else the new council needs.

We know you’ll continue to give them support and necessary feedback as they lead us into history.

Congratulations on your promotions!

Nixi IconNew Officer Livit!

It is with great pleasure that the Officers announce the addition of Livit into our ranks today.

Livit has demonstrated his steadfast determination and leadership to Superlative Exemplar time and time again.  When he’s not in his usual spot at the Sufokia beach, he is trudging through the wilderness of Frigost, or teaching his fellow guild mates about dungeon strategies and gear.  He brings experience, knowledge and skills that enhance our capabilities as leaders within our alliance and server.

Congratulations, Livit!

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