Tactics of a dWeeb – a Feca Understanding™

Created by dWeeblet, Long-time Officer of SE.Version 3.0 (Modified the entire guide to encompass a Str/Int Hybrid) 



For most new chars, most of us check out the build guides on ImpsVillage. The guide here is meant to be an addition to the guides there for fecas. So if you haven’t read them, I highly recommend starting there first.

PLEASE keep in mind that this is all my opinion, and if you leveled your feca different, you are 100% right in your decisions if you are happy with your char. Even if you’re not happy with your skill choices, you will probably be okay. It just might take a little more effort to get your char into good shape.So you’ve read the guides on IV huh? Fantastic! Let’s get started then.

Over the basics again

I realize that the other guides cover some of this, but it’s best to go over a bit of the basics just a little. You can skip this part if you like.

First, as MrRogers and the guides state, the first spell that you should max is AoE (Armor of Earth). You should be saving ALL of your points for it for when you get it at lvl 10 (to be maxed at level 11). I know it’s difficult, as some of you may have figured out, but it’s well worth the wait. Personally, I had to restart my feca at least once. I was only lvl 8 or so at the time =pSecond, IMHO the only spells that a feca should ever max before lvl 70 are AoE, NA, and Glowing. The others include either Rebound to 5, and Immunity to 4. Whether you go to lvl 5 on all your armors is your call. Yes, you need to level them to 5 eventually, but you’ll need those points for better things until then. That is, if you want to be a good universal feca with added up-close-and-personal PvP. The other armors can stay at lvl 3 for a long while. It’s a personal choice since the % AP and MP resists really come in handy.

Basic to Advanced Strategies with a Feca (level 1-69)

There are a lot of things to know about each character. I’m almost positive that we all understand most of them. Like, for instance, Sadidas are always in need of a bath =X

In all seriousness, most of us know that fecas are good shielding buddies. The only problem, is that it works off of the other chars intelligence, or corresponding stat (str for AoE). So the best ppl to buff are int Xelors, and all Enis most of the time. Naturally, any other char in reach if you’re in a tight spot is okay too =p Always wait for the eni if at all possible, when in difficult battles.Given that, fecas aren’t built for lasting too long at lower levels. Yes you can put points in vit as you go up (I’m scrolling first… call me crazy), but points won’t help as much as good equips will… at least in the first 40 levels or so. (because tons of you’re points are going into int)So plan on dying, for the good of the cause. As long as the group wins the fight.. it’s nothing a little bread can’t fix.So since we are made for taking a beating… I say get in there and take one!!! As much as it means to get in the middle of all of the mobs, we of course can’t take much from even one Dark Miner. Give some common sense into the equation of course. For instance, if they’re are a lot of range chars in the fight, might as well give up on attacking. It’s a good thing, just think about it.If the mobs are getting killed before you can get to them, let them in front of you’re LoS. Face it, our damage sucks. There isn’t a single char that can’t out damage us, so give them the space they need to help take the mobs down faster.Wait… I say take all the beatings and get in the middle of the mobs… yet I say don’t get in the way. Which way is it???? I’m glad you asked. The answer is both, if possible. Try to get in the mobs to take the beatn without dying too quickly, but don’t block the mob at the same time. Of course, there are those times that you will actually need to block the enemies LOS attack to your teammates. Try getting beside it so you can both show it who it’s daddy is.As far as equipment in this range. At L59 the Kryst O’Boul staff is usable:

3apDamage: 16-20 (neutral)+21-30 Wisdom+21-30 Intelligence+3-5 critical hits-11-20 Vitality+21-30 AgilityIf successfully maged to fire, it can be extremely effective with staff skill. Maging with a fire pot (80% of neutral damage) would make it 12-16 fire. The 3ap means two attacks without the need to have any ap boosting equips or set bonuses. This is also important once you hit L100 and your base ap is raised from 6 to 7. Then it becomes fairly easy (you’ve dropped a gelano by now right?) to get 9ap and utilize 3 attacks.The absolute best use of this staff is with crit gear. Your damage can increase on average of around 50% on a crit. Me? I’m planning my gear around crit hits. Having around 140 agility is also recommended to minimize the need for tons of crit gear. Now, if you plan on doing a str/int hybrid then everything previous is relevant. The best method is to work on ONLY scrolling strength. Don’t waste valuable points in it until it’s at 101… if you even want to do it then.

Later Level Tactics (level 70-80)


Once that you hit level 70, a lot of things change. Luckily for me I had been stockpiling stat and boost points, so I adjusted my char accordingly.

The first, and most obvious, thing that changes, is our ability to finally be able to do some decent damage. Granted, most of the mobs move out of the grid by the next round, but just the one turn is worth it. It’s especially worth it if more than one mob can be affected by it.For PvP with this spell, it’s absoltely fantastic. I had thought before about this tactic, but was hesitant to boost a certain spell in fear of making a mistake. I’m talking about teleportation. A lot of us found out the other day just how useful that a teleportation + burning glyph combo can be, when I placed a perc at the -2 0 zap.By the way, I’d like to take this time to apologize to those that didn’t see my guild messages that I was placing one there. Sorry, but even tho we lost it was really fun :) Nothing lost by a few bits of my kama…. and our pride. I did however learn how effective this combo can be.For the teleportation + burning glyph combo, keep in mind that you need 8 AP to accomplish this in one round. Also, if you want to survive getting killed by teleporting too close to the enemy, another 2ap for Immunity wouldn’t hurt. Obviously this is a tactic for later levels when you are 124+, but keep it in mind ;) If we are to use a high custom int set, this can be somewhat hard to achieve, without sacraficing some int. It can be a lot better in a group, however, as an eni or xelor can boost you to 8, or 10. So it depends on what type of fight that it is, etc., on what gear to use. The end result, is a quick teleport up and glyph before the group splits up. Don’t max teleport, as you can move 3 and teleport 5 spaces to almost always reach the other end of the map for the glyph. Keep in mind that you can start the glyph four spaces out, so that adds to the distance.One thing to keep in mind, is that if you’re going to be using glyph, use glowing!! There have been a number of times that I have purposely glyphed myself in order to hit more enemies, especially the ones all around me. A better solution, if possible, would be to use immunity on yourself and then glyph. Of course, immunity would have to be at level 4 for this to work, as well as you having 7 AP. It might not be possible to glyph yourself in some fights, and in later levels when you have insane int and are fighting tougher mobs. So try to keep the immnuity + burning glyph combo in mind when choosing equipment for a battle.

Later Level Equips (level 80-90)

Three words: Farle Set Items

Not Much Else to Cover (level 90+)

Feudala equips become possible in this range, as well as the holy Animal Boots. Basically, start upgrading your equipment like crazy. Other than that, you’ve pretty much got everything under control at this point.

You Don’t Agree? / WTF Am I Doing With My Feca?

Well, there are so many difficult choices with a feca when it comes to balancing defense and offense (offense for PvP that is) Let’s face the facts. Unless you want to spend the tedious time scrolling or putting, what some (and I) would call wasting points in strength, your only option is to go with fire weapons/equip. Now when I say wasting points in strength I mean putting points in it before scrolling it to 101 first. After 101 it’s a personal choice to put char points in it.

You see a lot of fecas with a kwak blade, and that works okay. The best will be staff weapons for PvM hands down tho. Personally, I like the benefit of hitting three squares at once. Plus, we do get that 40% bonus for using a staff, and they’re less AP to use. Anything costing 6+ AP I’d say isn’t worth it with the staves out there right now. It would be a lot of wasted materials and good staves to get one good fire one. Until then… already made fire wands are a good substitute in most cases, at least until you can even equip the decent staves-to-be-converted. Another option is a sword feca. Hitting over shields in PvP is very handy. Even if it’s not a feca that you’re fighting, they could have a Feudala shield and other equips to give them 50% fire resist.Challange your friends for fun… and often. You’ll always need the training against all the different builds of classes out there.

Equipment -Updated-

At lower levels, starting at level 20 of course, a full gob set is the best option… as with any int or str char. Mainly for us it’s the int/vit that makes it an awesome set. For high damage gear down the line, you will want to get any item that gives high int/vit. Bonuses from a set, like fire kwak, can help give even more int from the set bonuses, so calculate that when you’re looking at high int equipment. There is practically nothing that can beat a good scara set/kwak combo at lvl4x for an int feca.

Here are my current and future equipment:

Int Gear (~230-370)

Linings– Feudala Lining (For leveling until a Bora is obtained)- Dora Bora (For leveling mainly.)- Octovius (For that extra fishy smell.Not really needed once a Krutch is obtained.)- Krutch (everything in one… except +wis, so not 100% useful. best for PvP/crit gear, etc.)- WikCloaks– Desire Ball Cloak – This is mainly for the crit hits and wisdom. Everything else is a plus.- Nettlez (obviously)Amulets– Farle’s Ears (For extra crits along with decent vit, and the obvious AP)- Smoothhitch O’bal (A nice way to get more +crits from the set bonus, but has no wisdom)Rings– Farle’s Magic Bracelet- Gelano- Farle’s Wedding Ring (Can’t beat the 4-5 crits from this ring)Belts– Chafeuse Belt (To help gain 1/2 crits)- Event Belt (Luthuthu in the meantime of course if you’re going pure int). – Xenature- Moowish Belt (For leveling gear)Weapons– Maged Kryst- Excellent Staff of Kings- God Rod (No longer needed once you have a Kryst)- Burnt Wand (To boost init when needed)- Maged Fake Claw -or- Sharp Claw depending on levelBoots– Animal Boots- Feudala Getas (Another source of good crits)Pets– Bow Meow (Until you have raised a +80 bwak)- Fire BwakDofus– Cawwot

Str Gear (~250-410)

Linings– Solomonk- Terrdala Lining (Cost effective if you’re lucky enough to get one to drop, otherwise kamas are best spent elsewhere)Cloaks– Desire Ball Cloak (Again, for crits if needed)- GrazorAmulets– Farle’s EarsRings– Farle’s Magic Bracelet- Farle’s Wedding Ring (Could use two for a str set.. but you would lose set bonuses from 3 Farle items)- GelanoBelts– Chafeuse Belt- Moowish BeltWeapons– Un-Maged Kryst- Un-Maged Fake Claw -or- Sharp Claw depending on levelBoots– Feudala Getas (Still acceptable to use with str gear for the crits)- Farle’s Hooves (The preferred boots for str with crits)- Terrdala GetasPets– Bow Meow (Until you have raised a +80 bwak)- Earth BwakDofus– Cawwot

My Feca


Here’s the layout for my feca (thus far and then some):

Level 6 Spells
Staff Skill: [Level1-5 – At your leisure, later to be level6] – Converting neutral dmg staves into fire dmg for 400+ dmg per turn over three squares. With the right +AP and crit gear…. triple that, for a total of 1890+ dmg if you can get three ppl to stand in a row and you crit all three times xD)
Sword Skill: For a Str/Int hybrid doing ONLY sword skill would be best, but I already put staff skill at 6 so I’m gonna use both :P
Immunity: [Can be set to level 4 after all level 5 spells & other armors are at least level 3] – Once you get 124, MAX this bad boy. 2AP immunity is just sexy.
Blindness: [Spell Scrolls might be best for this one] – With a Str/Int hybrid this is a really sweet for PvP for range attack and an AP stealer for only 3ap, taking 2-3 AP, and doing 100+ damage.
Level 5 Spells
AoE: [First spell to max, save all points!] – Because having a damage buffer for neutral and earth attacks… just plain loverly.
Glowing: [Maxed after cloudy] – A must as we are extremely sensitive to fire attacks, obviously.
Rebound: [Maxed after Glowing, could be 6 later if desired. personal choice] – Useful in PvP, and reflecting even just one of the many hits we take in any battle, can mean sweet, sweet victory.
Burning Glyph: [Maxed immediately] – All I can say… is burn baby burn!!!
Teleportation: To skip down the map. First thing I learned using glyph with huge mobs of treechs was: Telepoort + Glyph = Firewood (and instant regen for them). This was a personal choice for level5. Most people leave it at level3. I had it at level 3 for quite a while before I 5’d it.
Glyph of Immobilization: [Level 4-5 Immediately] – People can resist the -MP, so it’s not good to have it to really rely on in PvP. Even most high level mobs have high MP resist as well. So it’s up to the individual if you want the extra turn, quicker cooldown, and bigger glyph.
Level 4 Spells
Wind: [Level 3 after Aque] – Will prob be one of the last spells to go to 5 (PvP tactics come first)
Level 3 Spells
Aque: [Level 3 after all level 5 spells] – Will go to lvl 5 after a while, before wind
Level 2 Spells
None: No reason to, at the moment, only get a spell to level 2 on a feca to me. (except that stupid point I wasted in NA lol)
Level 1 Spells – Useful ones
Bubble: For Fire resist types (or non-fire resist/water vulnerable ;) Only if you’re that desperate though.
Backlash: Only for up close fire resistant types. Might be worth it to level with a str/int hybrid, but points are better spent on Wind and Aqua for the AP/MP resists first.
Truce: You could level this one… personally with all the int lvl 1 works fantastic for me and everyone else in the group.
Natural Attack: Well…. when you’ve got nothing else left to use, why not… especially on neg fire resist mobs. (As above, this spell is well worth the points at level6 to some people.)
Cloudy: Becomes devalued when other spells need to be level 6.. etc. This should never be leveled with a str/int hybrid D: Otherwise it would be okay to keep for a pure int build.
Glyph of Silence: Determined to be effective from watching other people use it, but it still seems useless to me since most high levels have major AP resist anyway. That and it costs 6ap to use of course. I might scroll with with spell scrolls one day when I have EVERYTHING else where I want it.


That about sums it up. I hope that this is somewhat useful to at least one feca out there. I know some of this may seem basic to a lot of people, but this is not here for the elite… just the ones in need of guidance, and looking to see what other related builds are out there.

I probably left some things out, so feel free to question or comment on any of it and I’ll try to elaborate. 

Thanks to those who also helped contribute their invaluable info :)The authors of the guides on the IV threads, as I learned from them first, and to Steale for giving a view on more staff options, amongst other things.